About Coach Bill

Coach Bill has 15 years of experience operating as a Special Educator across the country, including Hawai'i, Boston, Marthas Vineyard, Connecticut, New York, and Puerto Rico. He directs a growing 501c3, called the Scalzi Originals Foundation (ScalziOriginals.US).

He has worked in private and public schools, and mental health centers delivering tailored empowerment as the lead instructor, and as a team player. Currently, as an entrepreneur Special Educator and social entrepreneur he is focused on service to the communities. His direct 1:1 work with typical youth, adults and those with special needs, like autism, downs syndrome and intellectual disabilities takes him to the backyard of family homes, skateboarding parks with the creation of skateboarding schools that mesh typical peer mentors with those with special needs, and the creation of skateboarding parks, along with the revitalization and beautification of community parks.

He keeps moving, looks to stay novel, on the leading curve of educational innovation, and in practical service to community through the onset of his 501c3, the Scalzi Originals Foundation.




For typical youth & adults, and those with Special Needs